Risks of "HIV" and Disease Increase with Formula
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Mainstream researchers conclude that "Early introduction of non-human milks and solid foods should be strongly discouraged because it increases the risk of HIV infection for babies of HIV-positive women and the risk of diarrhea and respiratory infections for all babies."

MR Recognition of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Children
Born of HIV-Seropositive Mothers on Antiretroviral Therapy

By M. Judith Donovan Post
"Blanche et al raise our awareness about a potential complication of zidovudine (AZT) therapy in this patient population — namely, infant mitochondrial dysfunction. These investigators challenge us...to recognize MR imaging abnormalities that might be due to acquired mitochondrial dysfunction in this particular setting. They ask us to include AZT-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in our differential diagnosis of white matter abnormalities, brain stem and gray matter signal intensity changes, and atrophy seen on MR images obtained in infants and children."  

AZT, Genetic Damage and Cancer in Children
Drug Used To Prevent HIV Transmission From Mother To Child Damages DNA
A 2007 article published in Science Daily expresses mainstream researchers concerns about the long-term health implications for infants whose mothers ingest AZT during pregnancy. "The growing body of evidence demonstrates that AZT readily induces genetic damage" in these children, they conclude, potentially leading to cancers later in life.

Poisoning Our Babies
By Neville Hodgkinson
From Mothering magazine, an article by former London Times science correspondent Neville Hodgkinson on the rarely discussed dangers of AIDS drug treatment for pregnant women and their children.  

AZT/Retrovir Product Info
Use this link to view a product information sheet on AZT also known as Retrovir, from the drug's manufacturer. AZT by any name is a failed cancer chemotherapy still used today as an anti-HIV treatment. It is commonly given to pregnant women who test HIV positive, sometimes in combination with other toxic drugs, and to their newborn babies in syrup form, regardless of the baby's HIV status.

Revisiting the Risk of HIV Infection from Breastfeeding
By David Crowe HBSc, George Kent PhD, Pamela Morrison and Ted Greiner PhD
The international research organization, Another Look at HIV and Breastfeeding, headed by La Leche League, International founder Marian Tompson, posted a new document at its web site which refutes claims that breastfeeding increases the risk of HIV transmission.

Exclusive Breastfeeding and HIV
The Lancet
“Promotion of breastfeeding has been ranked as the most cost-effective intervention for child survival, and could prevent 13–15% of child deaths in low-income countries...To weigh the risks [of breastfeeding when the mother tests HIV positive], we need good data, but such research is fraught with difficulties. Hoosen Coovadia and colleagues’ meticulous prospective study in KwaZulu–Natal, South Africa, published in today’s Lancet, is a breakthrough...provid[ing] confidence that exclusive breastfeeding protects against HIV transmission.”

A Critical Analysis of the Pharmacology of AZT and Its Use in AIDS
Referenced quotes on AZT

AZT: Unsafe at Any Dose?
Referenced quotes on AZT

Breastfeeding 'Style' and HIV
Magda Sachs, BA, MA

Choice: HIV/AIDS and Infant Feeding
Cathy Liles, MPH, IBCLC

Commentary on AZT

Diagnosing HIV in Mothers and Children

Infant Feeding and HIV: The Importance of Language in Shaping Policy
George Kent, PhD and David Crowe, HBSc

Infectious HIV in Breastmilk: True or False?
David Crowe, HBSc

Mothers and Babies and HIV: What is the Risk of Breastfeeding?
Pamela Morrison, IBCLC

Patents, Breastfeeding, and HIV
Valerie McClain, IBCLC

Poisoning Our Children
Anthony Brink

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