Reprinted from the Dixon Tribune Friday, November 15, 2002
New Approach on AIDS
By Timothy Van Zant
“Dr. Al-Bayati is an expert on chemical reactions who asserts that AIDS is not caused by HIV, but by toxic pharmaceuticals and the naturally occurring harmful chemicals produced by malnutrition and starvation. His experience and professional credentials span the fields of human, veterinary, experimental, and environmental toxicology…”
Dixon resident Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, has a new approach to the treatment of AIDS, a worldwide scourge that has so far defied permanent solution.
"I discovered that HIV does not cause AIDS in 1998, about seven months after leaving UC Davis," noted Dr. Al-Bayati, in a recent interview with the Tribune.
Dr. Al-Bayati is a toxicologist, a discipline that specializes in the study of poisons. The former UC Davis professor has certified study and proficiency in analytical toxicology, human pathology, pharmacology, immunology, and biochemistry.
He became the only Californian to achieve certification by both the American Board of Toxicology as well as the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology, which combined, span the fields of human, veterinary, experimental, and environmental toxicology. In sum, Dr. Al-Bayati is an expert on the reactions that chemicals can produce. And his discovery is that AIDS is caused by chemicals, not by HIV.
The retired UCD faculty researcher came into contact with an individual who had developed, according to one published account, "official AIDS conditions." The individual's worsening medical condition resulted in a consultation with Dr. Al-Bayati, who then proceeded to eliminate the various potential causes of the man's ailment. The ultimate result of his scientific approach produced two results.
The first was that the patient's AIDS-like condition was the product of common-immune suppressive drugs, and the assumption of a causal connection between HIV and AIDS. The latter discovery was the product of test results demonstrating that the individual had not acquired HIV, which had hitherto been considered a prerequisite to AIDS.
Dr. Al-Bayati also discovered that scientists from places as far flung as Western Australia to Michigan were arriving at similar conclusions, and publishing their findings.
The toxicologist cites corticosteroids as the biggest single culprit, and notes the immuno-suppressing nature of the drug, which are different from the type most commonly associated with athletic use. Corticosteroids are prescribed to infants and children to treat chronic illness, to gay men to cope with the problems associated with their sexual conduct, and to so-called "recreational" drugs users who develop respiratory difficulties.
This class of drug, in fact, was created in the 1960s and 1970s designed to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs by a recipient's immune system. According to Dr. AL-Bayati's research, every AIDS sufferer has an elevated level of these steroids in their system, either the result of pharmaceutical usage to treat some ailment, or the end-product of naturally-occurring elevated levels as the result of malnutrition and starvation, thus accounting for AIDS in Africa.
Dr. Al-Bayati characterizes himself as "a mainstream medical scientist" and he spent 16 years as a researcher at UC Davis. Born and initially educated in Iraq, he and his family are opponents of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship. In fact, members of his family have been murdered by Saddam's thugs. Dr. Al-Bayati became a citizen in 1978, and earned his Ph.D. in 1989. He is married, and has one child who attends C.A. Jacobs School, and another who attends Tremont School.
Dr. Al-Bayati has been published in such prestigious venues as the British Medical Journal, and he does assert that it is the vested interest of both doctors and pharmaceutical companies which has slowed the spread of the new AIDS information.
"Politics should not be involved in medicine," he noted.
He is happy to note that the new approach has been spreading "one case at a time" among both doctors and patients, and that people are being "cured" of AIDS as a result.
Dr. Al-Bayati is the author of the book, Get All The Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS

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