What You Can Do to Spread the Word

Seven Simple Ways to Help Make a Difference

Spread the word through our brief and informative handouts.

Pass out our brochures to friends and colleagues; set them out at coffee houses or public events addressing health or social issues; give them to people at AIDS support meetings, at social clubs, professional groups, or at your church or synagogue; leave them at health food stores and alternative healing clinics; pass them out around colleges and universities, etc.

List of downloadable brochures


Donate copies of the “What If…” book.

Give a book or two to your local public library, or to private libraries such as those found at a Gay and Lesbian centers, health advocacy groups, colleges, and institutes of alternative medicine, etc.


Screen or share our videos and documentaries.

You can have "screenings" at your home; at a social, professional, health or church group; at AIDS support groups; at a health food or book store; or as part of related public or private events. You can also lend them out to interested people or donate them to your local library.


Give our books and videos to people in need and in the spotlight.

You can share books and videos with people near and far who are directly affected by this issue, with celebrities involved in AIDS, or with people who affect public policy and popular thought such as social, community or political leaders, journalists, authors, or other public figures you admire, respect or feel may be open to this information.

We offer books at 40% off the cover price (the standard wholesale discount) for orders of 10 or more. Quantities of 10 or more videos are available at the wholesale rate of 40% off the listed price.

We can also send out press kits on your behalf to any media or public figures with whom you establish a dialogue.


Contact television or radio shows.

Get in touch with national or local programs that may have an interest in this topic. Try first with shows that encourage viewers’ comments, suggestions or feedback. This is a great way to generate investigation and coverage of the issues.


Write to magazines and newspapers in response to articles about AIDS.

Letters to the editor are another way to introduce this subject into the arena of public discussion.

If you can string a few sentences together, try writing an opinion piece for a local paper, or even an article for a free news or health journal. We invite you to borrow generously from the information at our web site as long as your work is not intended for paid or commercial use.

If you’re better at talking than writing, you can inquire if a local paper will run one of the articles at our web site. Please note: if the article to be reprinted is by someone other than Christine, let us know so we can get an official blessing from the author.


Start an alternative AIDS discussion group.

You don’t have to know all the answers to consider questions, share experiences, and discuss information. Being a respectful listener and a calm, compassionate speaker is very important, however.

Good places for discussions include local health food or book stores with meeting areas; the office of an alternative health practitioner; coffee houses that host small events; orthodox AIDS support groups with members interested in exploring new ideas; churches and synagogues; and public facilities such as those found at parks, schools and libraries.

If you let us know where and when your group meets, we may be able to connect you with a local author, doctor, scientist, journalist or researcher with public speaking experience on issues of AIDS and health.

Let us know of any success stories using our suggestions, and please tell us about ideas of your own.

Thanks for your interest in sharing this important information with others!