Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasnąt
By Gina Kolata
Nearly 1,000 health care workers at a New Hampshire hospital were given a PCR test in response to a scare started by a coughing staff member. The results: 142 people were told they appeared to have the disease, thousands were given antibiotics and a vaccine, and hospital beds were taken out of commission. Months later, hospital administrators informed the staff the whole thing had been a false alarm — no one on staff had the disease. The conclusion: “No single test result is absolute and that is even more important with a test result based on PCR.”

False Positive Viral Loads
By Matt Irwin, MD
“In spite of the widespread use of viral load tests, there are serious doubts about their accuracy. The most significant is false positive viral loads in people with no risk factors for HIV who test HIV negative. In the US, random screening using viral load would produce 30 to 100 false positives for every 4 true positives…”

Low CD4 Counts: A Variety of Causes and Their Implications to a Multi-factorial Model of AIDS
By Matt Irwin, MD
“So many different conditions are associated with profoundly reduced CD4 counts. The fact that HIV-negative people with many common conditions like mononucleosis, pregnancy, and pneumonia can have levels below those needed to diagnose AIDS suggests the use of CD4 counts in persons testing HIV positive should be carefully reappraised.”

Good Numbers vs Good Health
Questioning AIDS with Christine Maggiore
“The doctor says ‘my numbers’ indicate I’m sick and need to be on drug treatment. He says I will die unless I start soon, but my health is fine. How can my T cells show one thing and my health show another?”

Virtual Viral Load Tests: Seeing is Believing
By Michael Verney-Elliott
“HIV, if detectable at all, is only ever found in minute trace quantities, and even then only by stretching laboratory culture techniques to their limit.”

Questions About T Cells? Join the Club!
By Christine Maggiore

“The notion that T cell counts tell all prevails despite the fact that no studies have ever compared these numbers in HIV positive and HIV negative matched risk groups, or tracked counts among HIV negatives with illnesses that fit the AIDS category.”

Can We Really Count on T Cells?
By Toni Watson
“The doctor said her CD4 count from five years before had been 26. My friend was extremely upset at hearing this news, despite the fact that she had remained in good health for the more than five years since that count was taken. Seven years later, she is still in good health.”

T Cells and Immune Function Reduced by Estasy
“Although ecstasy is perceived by users as safe, this drug does have a dark side. There have been worrying reports of the impact of ecstasy on the immune systems of mice and people along with other troubling data.”


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